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Duoflex centre ring can be used on link bar so that the openers can be operator using a pole operator

For a single opener to be used with a pole operator, a centre link and link bar extension piece are required

Ordering Information

Part code - STRX02120
Description - Duoflex centre ring silver
Pack size - can be supplied in any quantity

Part code - STRX02125
Description - Duoflex centre ring white
Pack size - can be supplied in any quantity

Part code - STRX02101
Description - Duoflex centre ring black
Pack size - can be supplied in any quantity

Part code - STRX02143
Description - Duoflex centre ring brass plated
Pack size - can be supplied in any quantity

Part code - STRX02144
Description - Duoflex centre ring satin stainless steel plated
Pack size - can be supplied in any quantity

Part code - STRBA0045
Description - Duoflex centre ring adaptor piece 35mm link bar self colour
Pack size - can be supplied in any quantity

Other finishes available to special order

Specification Information

Centre rings are fitted to link bar to allow high level windows to be opened using a pole operator.

For single openers a 35mm piece of link bar is required to fit the centre ring to the opener.

Fitting Instructions


Tested to over 100,000 operations

Patent approved GB24902896

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