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EX9310 are a range of strikes for use with top and centre latch on PVCu doors, they are designed to suit different profiles and also come with packers. We have a list of the most common profiles and can specify which strikes you will need for each profile. We can also specify to a scale drawing of the door and frame section

Ordering Information

Part code - EX93101014
Description - EX9310 10mm PVCu Strike, stainless steel

Part code - EX93101314
Description - EX9310 13mm PVCu Strike, stainless steel

Part code - EX93101614
Description - EX9310 16mm PVCu Strike, stainless steel

Part code - EX93101914
Description - EX9310 19mm PVCu Strike, stainless steel

For white finish replace 14 with 25
E.g. Part code - EX93101925
Description - EX9310 19mm PVCu Strike, stainless steel


Part code - EX93101P14
Description - EX9310 1mm packer stainless steel

Part code - EX93102P14
Description - EX9310 2mm packer stainless steel

Specification Information

A range of strikers to suit most PVCu profiles, we can specify which strike and packers are required if the name of the profile is supplied or if a doorand frame section drawing is provided. The strikes are used with the top and centre latches.


Two year warranty (conditions apply)

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