Strand Hardware



T175 Use with T250 or T300 window operator to open/close small light bottom-hung, open-in windows.
Fitted with butt hinges.
Minimum head clearance 25mm.
Finishes: White (RAL 9010)
Black (RAL 9005)
Grey (RAL 9006)


Manual Opener Telescopic fork drive.
For use with a suitable operator, to control banks of pivoting louver blades.
Maximum travel 250mm.
Finishes: Stainless Steel (SS)


Manual Opener Still mounted screwjack.
For use with T200 or T120 operators to control roof vents.
Finishes: White (RAL9010)

T125 Cat Opener

T125 Cat opener/ Handle Winder T125 Cat opener/ Handle Winder
Chain type operator for awning windows.
Suitable for aluminium or timber awning windows with butt or hook hinges, or non-friction stays.
Smooth operation.
Through flyscreen operation.
Maximum opening 300mm, 19 handle turns to fully open (Restricted opening versions available).
Foldable knob in handle reduces width preventing damage and interference with blinds.
Finishes: White (RAL 9010)
Black (RAL 9005)
Silver (RAL 7035)
  Stainless Steel chain and base plate.